Kimono, Yes?! Or, Kimono, No-No??

Did you know that the ever so stylish and fashion forward Kimono that you see just about everywhere this summer, and that has even taken us over here at Rustik Silk is a traditional Japanese garment? "Kimono" which literally means, "thing to wear" has been in the Japanese culture since before 1132 AD! With that being said, let's get down to business!! Have you ever thought, I love that Kimono, but I just don't think it would look right on me?  Well we have some pointers for you!  Whether it be florals and fringe to long and belted, the kimono will work for you!

1. Basic

Kimono cardigans are complex looking pieces with lots of fabric and draping. So the easiest way to style them is to let them do the talking and keep the rest of your outfit super simple. Jeans and a tee shirt is about as simple as it gets, and this easy outfit is a great way to get a feel for kimonos if you’re feeling a little nervous about this trend.

2. Dress It Up

Just like a cardigan, the kimono can be dressed up or down. Try it with a fitted dress, giving the outfit a little contrast between fitted and flowy, and add a pair of heels. This fitted dress is a little more casual so go with wedges, but if yours is a bodycon dress, go for a strappy stiletto for a super sexy look.

3. Boho

These loose, flowy cardigans throw out a ’70s vibe, so go with the flow and make your whole outfit loose and flowy with a maxi dress. If you’re nervous about too much flowiness (that can sometimes make you look heavier), belt your maxi dress under or over your kimono for some structure. Complete the look with some simple, strappy sandals.

4. With Shorts

Shorts and a T-shirt are a summer staple, but can sometimes get a bit boring. So throw on a kimono and add some pizazz to your ensemble. For the most flattering silhouette, make sure your kimono length is noticeably different than the length of your shorts — either make your kimono several inches longer than the hem of your shorts, or several inches shorter than the hem (like here, even though you can’t tell on the left leg).

We hope these tips help! Now get out there and Rock that Kimono!!